MOS PowerPoint 2016 Review

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A presentation program developed by Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Office applications. The software allows users to create basic and complex presentations. Students, professionals, and businesses use Microsoft PowerPoint for things like project presentations, pitches,

This course will help you learn the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.

Most PowerPoint presentations are created from a template, which includes a background color or image, a standard font, and a choice of several slide layouts. Changes to the template can be saved to a "master slide," which stores the main slide theme used in the presentation. When changes are made to the master slide, such as choosing a new background image, the changes are propagated to all the other slides. This keeps a uniform look among all the slides in the presentation.

When presenting a PowerPoint presentation, the presenter may choose to have the slides change at preset intervals or may decide to control the flow manually. This can be done using the mouse, keyboard, or a remote control. The flow of the presentation can be further customized by having slides load completely or one bullet at a time. For example, if the presenter has several bullet points on a page, he might have individual points appear when he clicks the mouse. This allows more interactivity with the audience and brings greater focus to each point.

PowerPoint presentations can be created and viewed using Microsoft PowerPoint. They can also be imported and exported with Apple Keynote, Apple's presentation program for the Macintosh platform. Since most people prefer not to watch presentations on a laptop, PowerPoint presentations are often displayed using a projector. Therefore, if you are preparing a PowerPoint presentation for a room full of people, just make sure you have the correct video adapter.


Start PowerPoint
Opening an Existing PowerPoint
Close a Presentation
Change PowerPoint Views
Switch Between Color and Grayscale Modes
Arrange Multiple Presentation Windows
Save an Edited Presentation
Introduction to PowerPoint
Knowledge Check
Introduction to Powerpoint
Create a New Blank Presentation at Start up
Create a New Blank Presentation at Start up
Add Text to a Blank Slide
Embed Fonts When Saving
Create a Presentation from a Template
Add a new slide
Duplicate Non Contiguous Slides
Rearrange the Slides in a Presentation
Start a Presentation from a Word Outline
Reuse a Slide from a Presentation
Import Text into Powerpoint
Set Print Options
PowerPoint Basics
Knowledge Check
PowerPoint Basics
Choose Font and Font Sizes
Change AutoFit Behavior
Apply Font Styles and Effects
Change Font Color
Create Numbered Lists
Work with Bulleted Lists
Insert a WordArt Graphic
Apply a Quick Style to a Text Box
Apply Fill and Border Formatting to a Text Box
Apply Picture and Gradient Fills to a Text Box
Apply Texture and Pattern Fills to a Text Box
Set Up Columns in a Text Box
Check Spelling
Change a Word with the Thesaurus
Working with Text
Knowledge Check
Apply a Theme and Variant to a Presentation
Change Theme Colors
Change Theme Fonts
Apply a Different Slide Layout
Select a Theme Background
Customiza the Backgroud
Insert a Date, Footer, and Slide Numbers
Add a Text Hyperlink
Add a Graphical Hyperlink
Create Sections
Apply a Theme to a Slide Master
Move and Resize Placeholders on a Layout Master
Add a New Element to a Master
Work with Background Images
Create a New Layout
Modify the Handout and Notes Masters
Designing a Presentation
Knowledge Check
Insert a Table
Draw a Table
Insert an Excel Worksheet
Paste Tables from Excel and Word
Add a Row and a Column
Delete Rows or Colums
Move a Column
Resize and Distribute Rows and Columns
Merge and Split Table Cells
Align and Orient Text in a Table
Apply a Table Style
Turn Table Style Options On and Off
Adding Tables to slides
Knowledge Check
Insert a Chart
Import an Excel Chart
Resize and Move a Chart
Choose a Different Chart Type
Edit a Chart's Data
Apply and Modify a Quick Layout
Work with a Legend
Add and Delete Chart Elements
Using Charts in a Presentation
Knowledge Check
Creating Smartart Graphics
Knowledge Check


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